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Core activity of Nexe gradnja d.o.o. is civil engineering and building construction. The company owns  a consent of Croatian Ministry of Environment Protection and Physical Planning  for construction of: 
  • Construction of technically demanding buildings of II group
  • Works on buildings of  I, II, III and IV group
  • Less complexed works on buildings of  I, II, III i IV group
The company operates in entire Croatia for  different ordereres such as state institutions and numerous private investors.  Except construction works for different domestic investors it successfully takes part on real estate market and through realization of own investment projects

Reference list of  Nexe gradnja d.o.o. includes significant number of different buildings among other residential and business buildings, production plants, public buildings (schools, sports halls, hospitals, outpatient clinics etc. ) and various civil engineering objects.

Nexe gradnja d.o.o. has recently finished   supermarket 'Kaufland', business  and residential building  'Sokolana' with 48 flats (company's investment), reconstruction of hotels 'Neptun' and 'Parentino' in Poreč, construction of several residential buildings in  'Vukomerec' in Zagreb, reconstruction of plant  Slavonka-Dilj in Vinkovci, reconstruction of wine cellar and barn in Feričanci etc.

The company is currently working on  business and residential building 'Sokolana' with 50 flats (company's own investment), on a building in Harambašićeva street in Zagreb and on reconstruction of Muzička akademija (Music academy) in Zagreb.