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Air quality

Air quality is of state importance. We have therefore set up state and local networks for air quality monitoring and air quality monitoring for special purposes.  Station owned by  Našicecement is one of stations for monitoring to special purposes. 
Station is located between Našicecement and  Našice town close to Zoljan village about  2000 m north-east from cement  factory , 3000 m north-east from Gradac quarry and about  3500 m south-west from town of Našice. Station has been monitoring the cement factory since second half of 2003. 


Air quality monitoring station has recorded changes of following parameters:  PM 10,total sediments and heavy metals, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide and weather parameters.  Station is containerlike equipped with Horib products. Equipment for measuring pollution gases consists of: 
  • SO2 analysor  APSA-360 with detection principle based on ultra-violet luminescence. Emited length of fluorescence are measured and then transmitted to electric signal by PMT sensor, which then defines  concentration of  SO2 in sample.
  • NOx analysor APNA-360 with main detection prinicple chemiluminescence that refers to reaction of NO with ozone
  • FH-62 I-R analysor of flying particles that is using radiometric principles of beta radiation with two ray compensation method
  • Weather sensors for measuring wind direction and  speed, temperature and relative humidity.
  • Datalogger
  • Central station.
Maintenance of measuring equipment is carried out in exact time span depending on part of equipment.  Maintenance of measuring equipment and data validation is carried out by authorized company. Whole equipment package includes software for data collection and processing: central program DAZRW and Data Communication Server.
Making of annual report and  inspection of data and  measurement quality is in line with Air Protection Act  (Official Gazette No. 178/04), Regulation on limit values of polluting particles (Official Gazette No.133/05) and Rulebook on exchange of information from network data for permanent monitoring of air quality  (Official Gazette 135/06).