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Organization and implementation of health and safety in Nexe Grupa is based on mission, vision and strategy of the Group.  Nexe Grupa is focused on permanent improvement of working conditions aimed at prevention of accidents at work (injury, illness, death).  Nexe Grupa members define and implement work health and safety  in line with legal requirements and European regulations applying health and safety rules and measures according to defined principles:
  • Defining danger, damages and efforts on work place and evaluation of related risk;
  • Education and training of employees;
  • Systematic maintenance and inspection of equipment accuracy;
  • Application of modern technical and technological solutions in order to achieve optimal working conditions;
  • Communication with employees regarding implementation of work health and safety; 
  • Supervision of implementation of regulations and work health and safety measures;
  • Inspection of accidents.
Application of health and safety principles
1. Education and training of workers
Workers in  Našicecement d.d. are regularly trained for use of breathing insulation device in case of emergency.

2. Preventing danger and damage on their source
By application of principles to prevent danger and damages Nexe Grupa has decided to purchase and install state –of –the-art equipment according to highest health and safety requirements.

Installed screw compressor and delta blowers in  special housings additionally reduce noise level that is damaging to  worker's health.  
3. Investigation  of accidents
According to principles of general prevention  Nexe Grupa members are investigating  accidents. Investigation is aimed at defining reasons of accident and taking improvement actions in order to  prevent further accidents.

In order to improve work health and safety Nexe Grupa has decided to implement work health and safety according to international standards. In 2009  Našicecement d.d. has established work health and safety system according to  BS OHSAS 18001:2007.