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Communication program with local community has been implemented for the last five years. This program is focused on work with children in kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools, educational workshops and school projects, Open doors day and sponsorships for international eco school. The goal is also to introduce operation of Našicecement d.d. in appropriate way.   

 Cooperation with kindergartens 
Cooperation with kindergartens refers to organizing educational workshops when children are explained how to use cement and protect  environment. Program ends with competition for  best  individual and  group works.

      Cooperation with  elementary and secondary schools

      Cooperation with elementary and secondary schools is realized
      through educational workshops, visits to factory and professional
      lectures and works on projects regarding environment protection
      and cement production.

      Open door day         

      Open doors day is a day when factory is open for members of local
      community and other interested parties. Visitors are introduced to
      cement production and application by watching a film, plant tour
      with professional guidance  and presentation of local projects
      supported by Našicecement d.d.